Unitherm Introduces World’s First Impinging Spiral Oven

3. Mini Spov Image

40’ long linear impingement oven spiraled into an 8’ box.

Unitherm Food Systems, Inc. of Bristow, Oklahoma USA has made the world’s first Impinging Spiral Oven (patent pending).  This announcement comes ahead of the FPSA Process Expo show in Chicago in November, where the oven will be on display.

In the ‘World of Spiral Ovens’ the challenge has always been getting the airflow evenly across, down and up through the spiraling belt.  John Fish, Engineering Director says, “Some of these spiral ovens can be over 16’ tall and have over 25 tiers of spiraling belt.  Achieving efficiency of heat distribution throughout these cookers is a challenge.”

News of this new generation of impinging spiral ovens has captured the food industry at large, from ready-meal companies to chicken and meat processors, to bakeries, and even further processed potato and veggie products.  The benefits are better color development, more efficient heat transfer, and faster cooking times, all within the smallest footprint on the market.  David Howard, President of Unitherm Food Systems says, “We are very pleased with the flexibility of this machine and believe the efficiencies this style of oven will bring to our customers in terms of energy and yields will leap-frog traditional spiral cookers.”

Unitherm Food Systems, Inc. manufactures a wide range of thermal processing equipment for cooking, grilling, smoking, browning, pasteurizing, chilling and freezing.  The world’s first Impinging Spiral Oven will be on display at the FPSA show in Chicago Nov. 1-4, 2011 (www.myprocessexpo.org).

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