Unitherm Food Systems Launches Industry-First E-Commerce Site for Sanitary Control Products

CleanDrains.com logoNew website allows food processors to instantly purchase drainage systems, hands-free sinks, boot washers, and stainless steel curbing


BRISTOW, OK – February 9, 2017 – Unitherm Food Systems today announces the launch of CleanDrains.com, the first dedicated online shopping portal for hygienic hardware and processes for the food processing industry. With this site, Unitherm reinforces its commitment to providing food processors with innovative solutions designed to keep facilities clean and food safe.

Today, Unitherm is mainly known for its thermal processing equipment. But the company’s founder and president, David Howard, got his start in the food industry developing hygienic solutions to help mitigate food safety risks. For more than 25 years, Unitherm has worked with food processors to address on-site sanitation challenges, an effort that has produced several industry-changing innovations. As an example, in 2005, Unitherm developed the first patented stainless steel floor drain, the Stainless Steel P-Trap with Backfill, which uses a two-step design to help processors achieve the high level of sanitation required in facilities today.

Unitherm’s line of sanitary control products includes drainage systems, manual and automatic boot washers, stainless steel curbing, and hands-free sinks for washing hands, products, and utensils.

The equipment is customizable to meet food processors’ unique needs. For example, the drains are equipped with heavy duty lids for extreme loads, which are common in food processing environments. Sinks are available in both the traditional knee-operated style as well as the more recent photo eye style. The sinks come with one to four stations standard, and they can also be customized with up to eight stations.

David Howard commented: “Our top priority at Unitherm is to help processors produce food that is attractive, delicious, and, above all, safe. While the food industry has always focused on safety, the Food Safety Modernization Act has heightened processors’ attention to the safety implications of every process and piece of equipment in their facility. That includes everything from hand- and boot-washing procedures to the curbing on the walls and the drains in the floor. With CleanDrains.com, our goal is to help processors enhance plant hygiene and food safety by providing them with a convenient, hassle-free way to purchase sanitary control equipment.”

Unitherm’s innovative hygiene solutions are widely specified in the food industry, from meat processors like West Liberty Foods to global supplier of custom value-added food products OSI. Visit www.cleandrains.com for more information about sanitary control products for your facility.

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