Our Top 5 Food Processing Articles of 2017

Top 5 food processing articlesIt’s hard to believe we’ve closed the book on another year. For us at Unitherm, 2017 was very exciting, not least because our company was acquired by Marlen International, making us a proud member of the Duravant family.

The food processing industry has also gone through many exciting changes. Consumer preferences have continued their shift toward healthy, natural, authentic foods, and we’ve seen more small manufacturers enter the market to meet these demands. We’ve also seen growth in the adoption of automation and continuous processing equipment, as processors continue to seek higher quality, higher productivity, and lower costs.

These themes are all reflected in the articles that drew the most attention on our blog last year. Here our top five food processing articles of 2017.

Batch vs. Continuous Processing: What’s the Difference?

We know you know the fundamental difference between these two types of processing. On the one hand you have products created in discrete steps, while on the other you have products moving continuously along a production line. But do you know the difference between batch and continuous processing when it comes to quality, food safety, and overall cost? This article explains those differences and explores how continuous processing can help you solve many of your biggest challenges.

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Upfront Costs vs. Total Cost of Ownership for Food Processing Equipment

There’s no question that purchasing new food processing equipment is a significant capital investment. Whether you’re in the market for a compact Micro Spiral OvenTM for R&D purposes or a complete cook line to expand your product offerings, you need to make sure you choose your equipment wisely so that you achieve your desired ROI. This article reviews eight factors beyond purchase price that determine the real cost of food processing equipment.

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5 Areas of Your Processing Plant That You Should Automate Right Away

If you were at PROCESS EXPO or any other major food processing trade show this year, you know that the industry is moving quickly toward automation. For those who haven’t started the automation journey yet, the idea can be daunting. But it becomes less intimidating when you realize you don’t have to do it all at once. This article identifies five areas of your plant where you can introduce automation on a small scale before you commit to a full-scale digital transformation.

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Get Your Grill On! Unitherm Food Systems Introduces Industry-First Continuous Charcoal Grill for Authentic Backyard Barbecue

The days of artificial smoke flavoring are over. By incorporating direct flame, charcoal, and an optional bar marker into a continuous system, Unitherm Food Systems has developed the first real Charcoal Belt Grill. This charcoal grilling solution enhances taste and smell naturally for authentic backyard barbecue results.

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The Continuous Processing Competitive Advantage for Small Food Manufacturers

The past few years have brought increasing diversification in the food industry as more small manufacturers enter the market. Many processors start out using batch processing, but quickly discover that these systems don’t allow them to effectively scale their business. This article examines five ways continuous processing provides a competitive advantage for small food manufacturers.

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