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Would you like to see Unitherm’s Spiral Ovens, Flame Grills, and other equipment in action? We invite you to try all of our equipment for yourself by visiting one of our three global test kitchens.

Our large multimillion-dollar test kitchens are dedicated to high-volume, high-speed food processing. They’re set up to resemble a high-quality food factory from the moment you walk in. This starts with a true “clean room” experience, with hygienic architectural products such as stainless steel curbing, hands-free sinks, and stainless steel floor drains. You’ll put on a hairnet and change into a smock and boots before proceeding through both hand wash and boot wash stations.

In the food processing area, you can test drive all of Unitherm’s machines either for standalone processes or in continuous processing lines. On the cooking side, the equipment can continuously feed as many as 10 different processes — steaming, blanching, broiling, baking, searing, branding, grilling, pasteurizing, and more — at temperatures ranging from below the boiling point all the way to 1,600°F. For chilling, you’ll have access to quick-cooling crusters, spiral freezers, linear chillers and more. And don’t forget about our pasteurization solutions, which cover all aspects of the food industry.

Our test kitchens come staffed with design engineers who will work with you to modify any existing machinery into a customized cooking system to meet your specific requirements. We also have an onsite 3D modeling system to facilitate and expedite the process. Finally, we offer web casting so your remote colleagues can observe the test right along with you.

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