Spiral Ovens

“Buying an oven is not just about selecting a brand. It’s about partnering with a company who has the skill and the passion to make your product better than your competition.”

~Justin Donaldson, Unitherm Executive Chef

Moving from batch to continuous processing? Replacing an aging impingement oven? Designed for fast, uniform heating, a Unitherm spiral oven will improve your quality and your profitability.

Key benefits:

Increased production output
• Higher product yields
• Faster cooking times
• Uniform heating across the belt
• Reduced downtime

Our spiral ovens are 4x more efficient than thermal oil ovens and have a life expectancy of 20 years or more. They also contain a fire suppression system, so your plant won’t be at risk. If you want maximum performance, flexibility, and longevity, a spiral oven will help you reach your goals.

Unitherm spiral ovens come in five standard footprints, from Micro to XL, ranging from 225 lbs/hr (100 kg/hr)  to 20,000 lbs/hr (9,000 kg/hr), to meet the needs of processors of all sizes.

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• Baking, broiling, roasting, steaming, or a combination
• Impingement or convection
• Time, temperature, humidity (steam), and fan speed control
• Multiple recipe selection

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Profitability and Efficiency

• Critical yield controls
• Energy efficiency
• Gas or electric versions

Cleanability and Reliability

• Inline belt wash
• C.I.P. system
• Ethernet support
• AMI sanitary design, CE approved

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