Spiral Chillers and Freezers

Just like our Linear Chillers and Freezers, our Spiral Chillers and Freezers to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination for pre-package RTE products. While they can be used on their own, these chillers are designed to be paired with our Spiral Ovens as part of a continuous cook-chill process. A continuous process improves efficiency and yield by connecting the outfeed of the oven to the infeed of the chiller, reducing travel times and the equipment footprint.

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• Chill
• Adjustable time, temperature, fan speed
• Custom belts and machine sizes

Profitability and Efficiency

• Reduced chill time
• Reduced evaporative yield losses
• Freon or ammonia
• High velocity air

Cleanability and Reliability

• Hot-steam sterilization
• Inline belt wash
• AMI Sanitary Design, CE approved
• Ethernet support