Meatball Roller/Former

Turn economy cuts into premium products with Unitherm’s automatic Meatball Rolling and Forming Machine. This machine is flexible enough to process a wide range of ball diameters and powerful enough to produce more than 6,000 meatballs per hour. Once you’ve formed your meatballs, cook them to sous vide perfection in an AquaFlow Water Cooker or roast them in a Spiral Oven.



2.1’ (0.64 m) wide x 5.05’ (1.54 m) long x 4.46’ (1.36 m) tall

Belt widths:

4 available: 8” (200 mm), 12” (300 mm), 16” (400 mm), 24” (600 mm)


5,000 meatballs per hour

• Adjustable belt speed for interface with cooking ranges
• Reliable, versatile, and cost effective
• Suitable for the processing wide range of ball diameters
• Easy to operate, maintain, and clean
• Optional extras: automatic wire cleaning, auto papering, hoppers, extended conveyors

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