In forming applications from chicken nuggets to cookies, consistent portioning is key to product quality. Unitherm’s forming equipment is flexible and precise enough to work across all industries. Our Formers are currently used for many applications, including bakery, meat, snack foods, and ready meals. Whether you’re transitioning from a manual to a continuous process or expanding your operations, our Forming equipment will help you optimize your consistency, quality, and profitability.


• Bakery, meat, snack foods, ready meals
• Custom shapes and sizes
• Belt speeds
• Various belts and machine sizes

Profitability and Efficiency

• Yield gains
• Energy efficiency
• Less downtime
• Open hoppers for continuous filling (optional)
• Automatic paper interweaving (optional)
• Automatic wire scraper for cleaning (optional)

Cleanability and Reliability

• Easy to dismantle for cleaning
Nonstick surfaces
AMI Sanitary Design, CE approved


• Foot pedal control
• Larger hopper capacities
• Extended conveyors
• Independently powered conveyors

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