Bar Markers & Flame Grills

Your customers want prepared foods that look and taste homemade. With a Unitherm Flame Grill you can produce products that look and taste truly flame grilled, because they are. Our Flame Grills use direct flame to sear and floating brander rings that actually grill mark the product, giving you not just bar marks, but also authentic coloring between the char marks.

Key benefits:

• Enhanced product appearance
• Added flavor and color
• Uniform grilling across the belt
• Multiple bar marking patterns
• Can be placed in line before or after cooking


• Steam
• Flame
• Infrared

Bar marking:

• Adjustable optional bar marker: up, down, or neutral
• Bar marking: Single-sided, double-sided, traditional char marks, hashes, diamonds, custom
• Interchangeable bar-marking head
• Free-floating rings

Our Flame Grills come in seven sizes to meet all capacity requirements, from 225 to 20,000 lbs (100 – 9,000 kg) per hour. No matter the size, they all contain multiple independently controlled burners and a separate char marking apparatus, as well as touchscreens for recipe selection, making them the most flexible machines on the market.

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• Flame roast, char, sear, seal, color, and peel
• Individual burner selection and control
• Adjustable flame intensity and angle
• Interchangeable belt

Cleanability and Reliability

• Inline belt wash and drip pan
• Removable heat shields and bar-marking head
• Easy access doors
• Ethernet support
• AMI sanitary design, CE approved

Profitability and Efficiency

• Reduced cook time
• Better yields
• Energy efficiency
• Direct gas fire heated
• Pre-burners evaporate free surface moisture

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