AquaFlow Water Cooker

Sous vide is one of the hottest industrial food processing trends today. Not only is water one of the most efficient mediums for heat transfer, but sous vide results in higher quality and higher yields. By cooking the product in the appropriate packaging and eliminating double handling after the cooking process, you save on both labor and energy costs. Whether you’re processing rice or short ribs, pasteurizing liquid egg in a pouch, or chilling soup in a bag, Unitherm’s AquaFlow Water Cooker will help you achieve perfection every time.

Key benefits:

• No double-heating
• Higher yield
• Better taste and texture
• Enhanced food safety
• Longer shelf life

Our sous vide cookers come in several sizes with up to three independently adjustable tanks. For searing and color development, use the AquaFlow Water Cooker in conjunction with a Unitherm Flame Grill or Tunnel of Fire.

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Profitability and Efficiency

• Energy efficiency
• Less downtime
• Direct steam injection
• Closed loop pump skid system

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Cleanability and Reliability

• Easy access tank cleaning
• Sloping floor and drain
• Ethernet support
• AMI sanitary design, CE approved


• Cook, chill, pasteurize
• Time, temperature, sparging
• Recirculation control
• Multiple independent zones
• Custom line sizes

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