Aquaflow Water Chillers

For heat transfer, there’s nothing more efficient than water. Our AquaFlow Water Chillers are custom-built to achieve the crucial final 3 degrees of chilling (to 4°C) in a short time, using the perfect combination of water volume, movement, and recirculation. These systems provide a unique and efficient solution for a variety of chilling applications, from post-cook pouches and post-pasteurized hot dogs to starches like rice and pasta.

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• Pre- or post-package chilling
• Independent zones and times
• Custom belts and machine sizes

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Profitability and Efficiency

• Reduced chill time
• Continuous process
• Reduced footprint
• Energy efficiency
• Sparging manifold
• Flighted conveyor system

Cleanability and Reliability

• Multiple filters
• Inline cleaning
• Even results
• AMI Sanitary Design, CE approved
• Ethernet support

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