Process This: Sliced, Ready-to-Eat Proteins/Foods

Food processing equipment

Last year alone 18.5 million pounds of food was recalled. For those processing that food, that’s a big loss – not only to the bottom line, but to reputations. To eliminate one ongoing HACCP issue contributing to recalls, The Grote Company  and Unitherm Food Systems collaborated. Here’s what they came up with: the Self-Sterilizing Slitter.

So what’s wrong with your current method?

“At the point when the meat exits the oven it is pathogen-free,” explains Howard. “Then it goes through the slitting blades, and all of the product becomes intermingled. If there is a pathogen or high bacteria count present on the blades, every single piece of meat that goes through there could have the opportunity to be contaminated.”

The solution:

To solve the problem, Howard envisioned a system in which the meat would come out of the oven and fall directly in the meat slitters. The slitters and other items, such as the conveyor belt, could be designed to self-sterilize during the production process. At the end of that line, the product could then be immediately packaged. The concept was unique in another aspect too, as it used steam instead of conventional chemical cleaning techniques. Testing available at Unitherm Food Systems, Inc.

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