Get Your Grill On! Unitherm Food Systems Introduces Industry-First Continuous Charcoal Grill for Authentic Backyard Barbecue

Unitherm charcoal grillNew solution helps processors meet consumer demand for clean-label grilled products that look and taste delicious

Bristow, OK — September 26, 2017 — The days of artificial smoke flavoring are over. By incorporating direct flame, charcoal, and an optional bar marker into a continuous system, Unitherm Food Systems has developed the first real Charcoal Belt Grill. This charcoal grilling solution enhances taste and smell naturally for authentic backyard barbecue results.

Today’s consumers want high-quality products that taste homemade and don’t contain artificial flavors or colors. Unitherm’s Charcoal Belt Grill allows processors to meet the ever-growing demand for clean labels in grilled products, while also reducing production costs and dependency on additives including coloring and flavoring agents.

Designed for production capacities of 1,500 to 10,000 lbs/hr, the Charcoal Belt Grill lets processors of all sizes achieve the same delicious results. By simply searing the product, this solution integrates easily into new or existing production lines. Additional processing can be done either before or after charcoal grilling, allowing users to decide which cooking methods best suit their production goals.

In addition, the auto-lighting feature and interchangeable tray design to accommodate wood or briquettes make the production unit efficient and flexible. For processors that already have a Unitherm Flame Grill, the charcoal pits can be added to increase the functionality of existing equipment.

“Since its founding more than 30 years ago, Unitherm Food Systems has been dedicated to improving the quality of the food available at retail and foodservice outlets,” commented Camilla Howard, Unitherm’s Marketing Director. “The Charcoal Belt Grill takes the next step toward transparency in food processing, providing authentic barbecue products made using a process that consumers can relate to. With this equipment, processors can achieve the look and taste consumers want without having to clutter their labels with unpronounceable, chemical-sounding ingredients.”

For videos and more information, visit or schedule a test to see the process in action.

About Unitherm Food Systems

Unitherm is known for its innovative approach to the design and creation of thermal food processing equipment and systems to maximize yields while enhancing safety and profitability. From cooking and chilling to pasteurization and freezing, Unitherm provides best-of-breed continuous thermal food processing equipment to maximize quality, production efficiency, and safety. Visit Unitherm online at

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