Innovating Safe & Efficient Thermal Food Processing Solutions

Unitherm is known for its innovative approach to the design and creation of thermal food processing equipment and systems to maximize yields while enhancing safety and profitability. While most other food processing equipment suppliers are known for the breadth of lines, Unitherm has grown its business by focusing on efficiency and safety in the thermal processes that matter most. From cooking and chilling to pasteurization and freezing, Unitherm provides best-of-breed continuous thermal food processing equipment to maximize quality, production efficiency, and safety.

Unitherm was founded by David Howard in the United Kingdom in 1985 as a stainless steel design and fabrication shop specializing in custom equipment for food processors. As business evolved, the company's unique design ability, and its increasingly technical approach to problem-solving, led to successful collaborations with engineers from companies around the world in the development of custom cooking systems. David Howard, the founder and innovative force behind Unitherm's growth continues guide the business to this day. Such stability and continuity is very rare in an industry buffeted by continuous business turmoil and change.

Combining innovative product design with quality craftsmanship allows Unitherm to guarantee product outcomes that are safe and efficient. Nothing is more essential in the industry than food safety, among other safety innovations Unitherm introduced pasteurization of ready meals to the US. It also pioneered impingement technology for freezing, and introduced a continuous crusting process to dramatically improve the efficiency of log slicing.

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