Beef Short Ribs: Flame Sear and Sous Vide

shortribcooked1Any Chef will tell you when it comes to cooking: technique and raw ingredients, are two of the biggest factors of a successful meal. In recent months the traditional French Cooking technique, termed as Sous Vide, has taken the spotlight. This simple cooking style’s hardest component is time, but its results are worth the wait. The longer you sous vide, or cook the packaged food in water, the more tender the result.

When it comes to preparing food, raw materials can often break the bank, particularly when it comes to proteins. These high operational costs can be daunting. Rather than epitomizing cuts that may be out of budget, consider high quality meat in a lower valued cut. A prime example of this is short rib, consistently low cost and seemingly undesired.

There’s a misconception that an inexpensive cut translates to chewy meat, but this doesn’t have to be the case. When handled correctly this meat can be tender, flavorful, and even gourmet. In this test I have combined the Unitherm Flame Grill and Aquaflow Sous Vide Cooker to elevate an ordinary cut to an added value product.

6 oz short ribs, to be flame seared and sous vide cooked for a true value added productUnitherm Flame Grill Searing Short Ribs








Using the Unitherm Flame Grill I flame seared the short ribs in 45 seconds, to develop flavor and color, while sealing in juices to improve texture and yields.

Since the desired color development has been accomplished this allows the end user to sous vide for the desired time. For these short ribs I recommend 10-72 hours sous vide. Different temperatures and cook times will result in a variety of textures and flavor profiles. The longer you can afford to let them cook the more tender they will be.

Seared and Sous Vide Beef Short Ribssousvidecooked







As a bonus, sourcing retail packaging you can sous vide in will save on any double handling, improve your yields, pasteurize the product, and minimize your waste.

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