Bacon Jam: Easily Expand Your Product Line

Once a side dish at breakfast, bacon has now moved center stage as the main component and/or flavor to various dishes at any meal of the day. As the trend and demand continues to soar for bacon throughout all things food, new opportunities are emerging.

Bacon jam has been a well kept secret of artisan suppliers, occupying space on cheese boards, and gaining popularity in high-end sandwich shops, for some time now. However last week marked its fast-food debut when Carl’s Jr and Hardee chains announced their Bacon 3-Way Burger, a burger topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon Strips, Bacon Crumble, and bun slathered in Bacon Jam – this differentiating ingredient is bound to cause a widespread bacon jam craze, catapulting the condiment to the A-list.

For processors already cooking bacon in the Unitherm crispy bacon jamSpiral Oven, bacon jam is a simple addition to an already existing product line. Utilizing the preexisting equipment, producers can cook the bacon bits and capture the fat, giving producers the ability to recycle the byproduct from their other fully cooked bacon products.

Whether producing a savory or sweet bacon jam, the flavor combinations are limitless.  My favorite bacon jam consists of bacon emulsified in its own fat and then balanced out by the right amount of acidity and sweetness.  Here’s how; paddle together warm, rendered bacon lardons with caramelized onions, roasted garlic, spices, syrup, sherry vinegar and bacon fat. Once the bacon jam is harmoniously emulsified together (meaning no signs of fat separation), handled properly, it becomes a unique condiment.

Raw materials are inexpensive, capital equipment is preexisting, and demand is rising – it’s a great time to add this item to your product line.

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