Onion Peeling

In early 2016, Unitherm received a patent for our innovative system and process for peeling and pasteurizing root vegetables in a Flame Grill. This process significantly improves productivity, yield, and safety compared to traditional top and tail cutting systems.

Top and tail cutters pose a high risk of contamination because every onion passes through the same cutting machine. So if there’s Listeria in one onion, it can quickly spread to the onions that come after it. These systems also remove up to 30% by weight of the onion yield and have limited production capability.

Our Flame Pasteurization System solves all of these problems. It eliminates the potential for contamination by burning off the skin and then pasteurizing the onion underneath, removing only 5% by weight of the onion in the process. In addition, a single machine can process 12,000 lbs (5,450 kg) of product per hour, replacing up to nine traditional top and tail cutting production lines.

Patent: U.S. Patent No. 9,215,892 B2

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