CPET Trays

The Challenge: Browning the surface of a ready meal product in a CPET tray without deforming the tray

The Solution: Thermal processing equipment from Unitherm

With Unitherm’s unique process, your ready meal will have the taste and appearance of an oven-baked product even after it’s been reheated in a microwave. What’s more, it will look like the photo on the box. Our process works equally well for browning ready meals in trays made of other materials, such as aluminum foil.

Spiral Ovens
Lasagna, Lyonnaise potatoes, mac and cheese
Oven-baked appearance and taste
In-line process
No deformation to tray

Rapidflow or Spiral Ovens

Unitherm oven with impingement
Up to 1200°F (700°C)
Roast effect is crisper and more uniform
Poultry, beef, pork, vegetables

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