9 Sites Where You Can Find Free Food Safety Audit Templates

food safety audit

Compliance deadlines are looming! Whether you need to comply with HARPC, HACCP, BRC, GFSI, or all of the above, the best way to make sure you’re ready when inspectors come knocking is to perform regular internal audits.

Here are nine sites where you can find free food safety audit templates to help you on your quest for compliance.

1. Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI)

The SQFI provides resources and certifications to help food industry suppliers apply the HACCP principles to control food quality hazards and food safety.

On this page, you’ll find a free version of the most recent SQF Code (Edition 7) in several languages, as well as a self-assessment audit checklist, a comparison of the SQF code and the FSMA Preventative Controls rule, and other whitepapers and guidance documents.

2. NSF International

If you’re ready to take a deep dive into food safety, food quality, and food defense, this is the document for you. It’s a comprehensive manual covering expectations for food processing facilities in all areas — including sanitation and housekeeping, pest control, and even packaging and labeling.

One of the most valuable parts of this document is the extensive definitions and descriptions of performance criteria. If you follow this guidance to a T, you’ll be setting yourself up well for any type of regulatory inspection.

3. BRC Global Standards

Obviously, the best way to prepare for a food safety audit by a certain agency is to follow that agency’s recommendations. This introduction to internal audits from BRC Global Standards isn’t a template per se, but it does provide a sample internal audit schedule and internal audit report to help you generate your own.

4. BSI Group

If you’re outside the U.S. and deal with ISO standards, this HACCP and GMP checklist from BSI Group checklist will help you identify any gaps in your current food safety management system.

Despite the word checklist, this document is very extensive. It will provide both an overall picture of what’s happening in your plant, as well as an in-depth look at everything from personal hygiene and cleaning to traceability and recordkeeping.


What’s better than going straight to the source?

All U.S. food slaughter establishments, as well as those that process meat and poultry, fall under the jurisdiction of the USDA. If you’re one of them, use this food security checklist to assess your operations across nine areas, including inside and outside security, storage security, and personnel security.

6. RMIT University

This checklist from Australia’s RMIT University provides a simple way for you to record conformance levels and observations regarding food safety policies, HACCP plans, and so on.

The best part is that it’s in Microsoft Word, so you can edit as necessary to meet your facility’s needs.

7. TraceGains

TraceGains has a great collection of food safety resources, including several webinars you can watch on-demand.

They also offer GFSI checklists based on four different standards: BRC, FSSC 22000, IFS, and SQF. These lists are free in exchange for your contact info.

8. Province of Manitoba

Don’t be afraid of this 182-page HACCP guidebook. Skip to pages 157-164 for sample checklists at varying levels of detail.

9. University of Wisconsin – Madison

This simple checklist was developed to assess the HACCP plan for raw meat and poultry products. It isn’t nearly as comprehensive as the ones from Manitoba, but it does provide a great starting point to assess your HACCP plan.

Want more resources about HACCP compliance? Check out these 7 Essential HACCP Resources for the Food Processing Equipment Industry.

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