Spiral Pasteurizers

Eliminate cross-contamination and increase shelf life with spiral pasteurization. Approved by USDA FSIS, our Spiral Pasteurizers are designed for pre- and post-package pasteurization of ready meals, trays, pouches, and more. Our pasteurizers are purpose-built for dry heat or steam applications, and they offer real-time data tracking to provide you with precise control and ensure your protocol is never compromised. We can also arrange for third-party validation of your process to guarantee you’re meeting the requirements of your HACCP plan.

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• RTE products (i.e., ready meals, trays, pouches, bowls)
• Post-package or pre-package
• Variable time

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Profitability and Efficiency

• 30-50% increase in shelf life
• Eliminate risk of product recalls
• Little to no yield loss
• Energy efficiency

Cleanability and Reliability

• C.I.P. system
• Inline belt wash
• Easy access doors
• Real-time data tracking
• AMI sanitary design, CE approved

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