Infrared Pasteurizers

For efficient, affordable protection against cross-contamination, you can’t beat a Unitherm Infrared Pasteurizer. Our systems are approved by USDA FSIS and recognized for post-process, pre-package surface pasteurization for RTE deli products, like turkey, ham, and roast beef.

The product is pre-cooked, chilled, and then pasteurized immediately before the final packaging. This eliminates the risk of pathogens being drawn deep into the product during vacuum packaging. According to third-party validation studies, this process results in over a 3.0 log reduction in Listeria Monocytogenes in just 60 seconds, with little or no further chilling required. This process eliminates the need for post-pasteurization bags, so you save money on every product.

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• RTE products (e.g., turkey, ham, roast beef)
• Pre-package, no purge
• Variable time
• Optional browning

Profitability and Efficiency

• No post-pasteurization bag required (cost about $.25/bag)
• Eliminate risk of product recalls
• Less than 2% yield loss
• 60-second process
• No double-handling
• Inline process

Cleanability and Reliability

• Inline belt wash
• AMI Sanitary Design, CE approved
• Ethernet support

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