Gas Infrared Cookers

Say goodbye to unappetizing breakfast patties and hello to golden brown perfection with our Gas Infrared Cooker. This cooker, which is literally the hottest infrared system on the market, uses a uniquely designed burner head that isn’t ceramic and doesn’t use infrared bulb technology. In just 90 seconds, Unitherm’s Infrared Process provides you with unparalleled results in color, yield, and flavor.

Profitability and Efficiency

• Up to 94% yields
• Energy efficiency
• No pre-op
• Independent burner control


• Adjustable height
• Variable speed
• Custom line sizes, modular bays

Cleanability and Reliability

• Inline belt wash
• Removable extraction hoods
• Drip pan
• Ethernet support
• AMI sanitary design, CE approved

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